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About us

Welcome in MACEPLAST-FRANCE, the French leader of the PTFE, subsidiary of the Italian group GUARNIFLON.

The determination and a global vision of the market are the factors that explain the rapid development of the GUARNIFLON Group internationally through MACEPLAST subsidiaries.

MACEPLAST-France SA, was created in 1997 in Chassieu (near Lyon), stores and commercialize a wide variety of finished and semi-finished products based on PTFE or other technical plastics (FEP, PFA, PEEK ...)

In addition, it has a high-performance machining service to meet your specific requirements.

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Guarniflon® was established in 1982, enthusiasm, dedication and perseverance being the key factors which have allowed us to evolve to our present status of worldwide leader in our business field.

Guarniflon® have been evolving during recent years by leading an International Group of companies which are continually integrating with the foreign markets, utilizing the most updated marketing, technological tools and management flair.
Guarniflon® Spa nowadays means:

  • the Italian HQ’s located in one of the most industrialized area in Europe, focused to R&D, Quality and Customer Care, raw materials compounding and high tech product processing;
  • the European network with subsidiaries located in Germany, France, UK, Spain and Romania. Each single company run by local managers, with their own warehouses, semifinished stock and sales network to grant a widespread coverage in the relevant markets;
  • Overseas Companies in India and USA, both manufacturers;
  • a unique integrated supply chain: the compounding unit Flontech is preparing  - according to Guarniflon® R&D – the PTFE grades ready to be processed into semifinished and machined products at Guarniflon® HQ and other plants;
  • Technical and R&D support to Customers, coming from almost 35 years’ experience in processing PTFE and others fluorobased products.

More than 250 different special compounded PTFE grades are available from Guarniflon® compounding unit – Flontech - filled with carbon, graphite, bronze, glass fiber, PPS, alumina, calcium fluoride, PEEK, quartz, spherical glass, polyimide, carbon fiber, molybdenum disulphide, LCP and many other organic and inorganic materials to match customers’ technical requirements.

In each Company Division a Quality lab with the most updated equipment perform the necessary test to always grant a stable and high level quality standard.
In other words being with Guarniflon® means nowadays to cooperate with a reliable technical partner in the fluorobased product field, taking advantage of strong experience, technical benefits and flexibility.


Wednesday, 31 May 2023 06:33

EXPOCHIMIA: the international meeting point for the chemical industry

Expoquimia is the trade fair that gathers together all the sectors of the chemistry to promote the transformation of the industry towards more energy-efficient productions models under circular criteria.

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Tuesday, 18 April 2023 08:53


Exclusive location at Università degli Studi di Milano – in the central green area – a cube reaching 12 meters high and sloped at 45 grades: the representation of power that takes shape in action, of consciousness that flows into knowledge. Momentum, a project from MAD Architects (Andrea D’Antrassi and Ma Yansong) and made for Axa Im Alts.

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