Les films ETFE de Pati sont bien connus sur les marchés, extrudés jusqu'à 2000 mm de largeur et de 15 à 250 microns d'épaisseur, capables de satisfaire à un large éventail d'exigences techniques et d'applications.
Tekclean is a newly patented antibacterial product initially developed to meet the "Cleanliness & Bio Resources" challanges of the harsh spaceflight environment of the Cleanliness & Bio resources department of Thales Alenia Space.
We have the pleasure to inform that following Guarniflon grades:
Guarniflon well known extruded films project keeps on developping since the acquisition of the leading Company PATI in Italy.
Guarniflon has been among the sponsors of an event in favour of the Project related to cardiopathy of Brescia Hospital.
After more than 12 years Guarniflon project was launched in India, warm hospitality and relationship still can surprise anytime we have some time to spend there.
We had the pleasure to welcome Baden and Mark from Supply Services – New Zealand – few days ago at Guarniflon, for the first time visiting Guarniflon Head Quarter’s after few years of fruitful cooperation.
We attended from 14 to 16 of October an important event hold in Munchen, based on BtoB and concerning the future of mobility,
After some years of use, Flontech logo has been re-stylized into a more modern graphic design, taking the occasion of the new web site and leaflets launching some new product families as well.
Whether you design, manufacture or supply materials, you need to comply with international norms, standards, Directives and Regulations across the world.


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IPC Inc. (Industrial Plastics Canada), as part of the Guarniflon Group, leverages more than 70 years of combined experience in producing finished, semi-finished products in PTFE, custom molded rods, tubes, plate sheets, gaskets, and machined components.

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3 days of exhibition in Germany fully focused on the automotive segment.

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