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Compressor Piston Sealing

We're posting and article from Engineering Practice Magazine prepared by Guarniflon sealing compressor consultant Mr. Mehmet Samancioglu.
The focus is on how piston rings must be studied according to the different working conditions (environment, lubrication, pressure, temperature, speed and son) and the importance to select the most proper material grades. Guarniflon offers a wide selection of PTFE and PEEK based grades specifically studied for reciprocating compressors, belonging to its GCS family.

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mardi 2 juillet 2024 10:18

We’re welcoming Vac Innovation to Guarniflon Group

We are pleased to announce that Maceplast UK Ltd has successfully acquired VAC Innovation, effective 21 June 2024.

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lundi 17 juin 2024 06:33

The importance of floropolymers in the H2 supply chain

We recently came across an article from Chemours® focusing the concept “Without fluoropolymers, clean hydrogen doesn’t exist.”

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