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Being critical components in pumps and hydraulic devices, membranes and diaphragms are produced by different technologies and processes with a range of PTFE grades.
Over the past few years, Guarniflon has been developing, thanks also to its R&D Dept., a process thanks to which the membranes are perfectly shaped one by one according to customers’ technical requirements, starting from Guarniflon semifinished products. The modified PTFE (Guarniflon internal code G500) appears to be the preferred grade thanks to its chemical and mechanical properties, offering an unmatchable elongation at break among the available PTFE materials.
A double advantage for Guarniflon customers: sourcing ready-to-use membranes/diaphragms with unlimited availability of modified PTFE raw materials.
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ASC has renewed its logo

ASC – Advanced Screening Centers – is the successful project started years ago by Mr. Giuseppe Mazza (Guarniflon founder) and his partners to offer a real solution to cancer prevention.

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Compressor Piston Sealing

We're posting and article from Engineering Practice Magazine prepared by Guarniflon sealing compressor consultant Mr. Mehmet Samancioglu.

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